Friday, February 26, 2010


Lovelies! Lovelies! I’ve been in the lab working on a legal concoction that will make me rich and famous, but paused today to watch the snowflakes fall. Okay, that’s not quite the truth. My office closed due to the snowstorm and I was too happy, officially rolling out of bed a bit after noon. It felt so good but what would have been better was…

My friend and I were at a coffee shop recently and a brother with all his textbooks, colored index cards, coffee cups, and markers caught mine eyes. He looked up and smiled and I returned the greeting. I thought he was cute and when I turned his way again to retrieve something I didn’t need in my bag, he looked up again and smiled.

“I think he’s digging me,” I whispered to my friend. When she left, the armchair was empty for a while, providing the perfect opportunity for him to holler since the smiling thing was getting a little trifling. He departed before I did, and I watched him walk out. Just before he opened the door, he turned to look at me again. Grinning this time. “Pshh,” my mind said, but he was still cute.

The following day I returned to the coffee shop to finish my own studies and there was Mr. Cutie in the same spot. I positioned myself diagonally from him then wound up moving to a table right behind his when my laptop ran out of juice. I didn’t want to seem parched or anything but I had work to do and just as much right to be there as he did though I secretly hoped he went there that day hoping to catch my ordering my usual beverage.

The smiling continued. Clearly this brother was so enthralled by my beauty that he could not believe a woman of my caliber would want to talk to him so he felt resigned to a fate of just being an admirer. He was plain ol’ nervous though my smile and eyes were giving him green lights all the way. Or maybe I just don’t know why he didn’t step up. As I prepared to leave and after much inner wrestling, I stood behind him, leaned over and before he could say anything (his mouth did open), I placed my business card in the middle of his biology book page and said, “Here’s my card. Call me when you’re done studying.”

I turned before I walked out the door and he was in competition for the Kool-Aid jug with his smile.

For the record, I like to socialize and chatting with men is easy when I’m not interested in them. Before stepping to him, I was stalling, which caused me to start perspiring profusely but I was glad I made the first move. It felt oddly liberating and for a moment, I sympathized with all the men that had every stepped to me – or any other woman for that matter – and got shut down. Takes a lot of heart.

Oh yes, you’d think by now, four days later, he would have called, right? Nope. I said to call post-studying but I didn’t mean the entire semester. Oh well. I’m willing to try it again. There’s a cute doctor that I’ve noticed in there a few times too…

BTW - I took that picture from my window.

Lata Lovelies,
-Betsy “Baller” Ice