Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This has been a good year. Certainly Betsy had a fair share of lows but there was nothing that was insurmountable. That will never happen.

2008, as it fades away with the dimming sunlight was about building and maintaining healthy relationships. I lost some folks – deleted their contact information because they offered no value in my life. Likewise, I met and/or grew closer to some magnificent people – EP, QB, KW, RC and of course, WP. These people entertained, mentored, listened, prayed and loved me. For them, I am grateful. Thank you.

For my inner circle guys and gals, you know who you are. Even if we don’t speak or see each other everyday, you are still my shining stars, especially when we found ourselves out on a late night cruising adventure, pole dancing, having brunch, shopping, laughing over another lost job, celebrating a promotion, brainstorming, cheering each other on and traveling.

I am ending this year on a high note. I’m happy 2009 is hours away but really, each day, each hour is an opportunity to do something different or make a change and that starts now. I compromised too much in the last twelve months and sometimes, right at the very beginning of a situation. ‘Twas a learning experience in one situation that led a half-ass relationship where 50% time I wanted out. And then there was the one that I wanted in… ☺

No resolutions for 2009. I have things to accomplish. Lots of them so going forward, call me Baller, baby.

All the best to everyone and know that everything substantive is possible.

Lata Lovelies,
-Betsy Baller Ice

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It's December folks and Betsy is super-motivated. The universe shifted in my favor and all the stuff I was b-sing with just came to an end. I'm challenging me and you should challenge you too! To reference the great songstress Khia, "Just do it, do it, do it do it do it now" – from the hit, My Neck, My Back. The time is really now.

Most folks have long to-do lists but the issue is how many of those tasks are you checking off? If the answer is some or almost all, that's just not good enough. All tasks need to be completed and that's what December is about - everything. I want it all brand new socks and drawers. Me myself and I and if you can't get with the Betsy program, trust that some other mother-brother, will. Folks have been suckling at teats for too long and if by the twelfth month of the year there is no major progress/improvement, then I'll see you next lifetime. If you're regressing, holler at me when things are moving forward because I have no time for fake rhymes.

I’m working on projects that should have BEEN completed in the new season but thank goodness I'm energized and knocking them out. Here’s a snapshot of things, big and small that Betsy will complete before year’s end:

1. give away coats not worn in over 2 years (I’m not about to start rocking a Triple Fat Goose even if I had one)
2. send photos to friends and family (sometimes it takes a few months for me to upload)
3. enroll in a pole dancing class (DM I have my stilettos ready!)
4. buy orchids
5. learn chess
6. volunteer
7. send holiday cards before Christmas
8. apply to grad school/scholarships
9. order business cards
10. cut off or put some folks on the back burner

The last one is especially important because some people add/added zero value to my life. I maintained relationships with them for what seemed like an eternity and their situation kept getting more tragic each time. Now, I’m just tired of it. How many times can one person’s electricity go off in a month? Your car was towed again? Going to court with your baby daddy again? I think he’s intentionally working off the books so you can’t collect a check! For the folks are habitually broke - the bank is closed. There will be no more 'spotting' you or going out with you because you only give up the exact cost of your meal. Did you forget tax/gratuity on the ribeye steak and three drinks you ordered? My favorite – you’re so busy you can’t see me? Stay busy because with all the grand things I have going on, I know you’re not trying to tell me you’re a workaholic – working on a t-shirt side hustle for the last four years and ain’t sell one shirt much less press up a sample. Please! Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, you get it. You know those folks.

On the flip side, do things a little different for you. Holler at that colleague and keep it discreet. Date more and sweat the title less. If the brother is acting the fool, let him keep his dunce hat and holler at someone else – that adores you just the way you. Go out solo and scrub the floor with it. Meditate. Apologize. Say I love you more. Wish your enemies well. Be honest.

Anyway, you get it so do it, do it, do it, do it, do it and maybe your neck and back can get involved. Oh yes, share your list as well!

Lata Lovelies,
-Betsy Ice

The recap:
Persaud Brothers party at Canal Room. Banging

On tap: Spring fashion collection preview