Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Random question: Do/would you share a toothbrush with someone you're dating? I'm not saying use each other's toothbrush every single day (ewww) but say you're traveling or you wind up spending the night at your significant other's place - sans toothbrush. Do you use his/her's toothbrush...considering you've kissed them previously? ;-)

The story: Betsy's OCD is in high gear! Someone in the office ordered a few boxes of pizza and against my salad-loving lunch, I decided to have a slice. As I go to help myself, my "oh so helpful" boss decides to "serve" me. Ol' girl touched my pizza!!!! I was livid. The crust is my favorite part. So I'm standing there nibbling on the slice thinking how I could just throw the entire thing away because my appetite is gone but then I remember the kids starving around the world and save the children images guilt me into eating it. Of course, I ate around the crust and anywhere I thought her fingers may have touched.

This is what I didn’t understand - though I appreciated the gesture, I would have been alright taking a slice on my own. And if you insist, why not use a napkin to pick it up? It's like an office party where the person cutting the cake lets every slice fall in their hand...then licks their fingers and continues to cut and serve.

The recap: played it low key last night

On tap: Ashanti producer party or something like that. Let me know if you want to go...I'm on the guest list and highly unlikely I'll show up. Betsy has a date tonight ;-)

Lata Lovelies,
Betsy Ice

Monday, September 29, 2008


Yes Lovelies, Betsy is back and I've missed you as well!!! I've been traveling quite a bit and doing a million things but you now have my undivided attention.

Speaking of attention, why is when you tell someone you have to run for a meeting, they say "Oh, I just wanted to tell you something really quick." You spent your quick time uttering that damn line! Today, I'm hurrying off to a meeting with 3 minutes to make a zillion copies and this woman wants to tell me a story. When I kept walking, she walked along to give me her story which was longer that "really quick." Telling me that folks are getting fired, discharged or layed off (however you chose to classify it but the fact is, you ain't gots no job) is never a quick story. See folks, I had to ask follow up questions like "Who?" and "For real?" or respond with, "Oh gosh." Of course, none of this affects Betsy because I keeps (intentionally plural) the number to unemployment on speed dial. If you elect to pay taxes at the end of the year, that's a cool $1620/month for existing. Free money!!!! LOL.

Yes folks, Betsy lost a job at before and was elated. And had a comfy severance package to boot. ;-)

Random things: Sat in a meeting last week and the entire time this Jamaican woman (must lay of the Hatians for a bit. LOL) used her pen cap to clean her ears - same pen cap for both ears! Guess she didn't realize America sells Q-Tips. If that wasn't enough, she "cleaned" the brown wax off with her hands. Won't be borrowing a pen from her...or eating any dishes she makes for a potluck. That's just nasty.

Next, this man announced that he went to the bathroom and the water wasn't working. So clearly he didn't wash his hands. I patted his shoulder to say thank you/farewell and dude extended his hand for a shake. I almost fainted.

The Recap: Much too much so let's talk about this weekend past. Shout out to WP for starting my weekend off quite deliciously. Shout out to QB for finishing it by rocking to MoCaDa (show me your pics!) and chiming in with OCD at Anima - an Italian restaurant on Myrtle Avenue that's NOT worth going to despite the free tiramisu they gave us. When we asked for small plates for oil (to dip our bread), the waiter snatched it from an adjacent table. I put it back when the waiter left and asked who seemed to be an owner or manager for another. Dude did the same thing and THEN grabbed another from a third table. Just terrible. Those plates could have been there all day collecting dust especially since the door was open. SMH

On Tap: BAM emerging artists on Wednesday and VP debate at a colleagues place. Anyone down to rock?

Lata Lovelies,
Betsy Ice