Monday, June 30, 2008


Dating is an unknown person is nary impossible. Life used to be six degrees of separation but these days, given that some folks are married, "boo-ed up", homosexual, asexual or just plain married to their constant social-climbing high brow status, the possibilities for partnership with an ‘unknown person’ seems limited.

For example, I went on a date recently. The man that I went out with happens to be friends with a friend of this other dude I was with. Three degrees of separation. Him, her, him. On top of that, there are location barriers. Think about it…when was the last you heard a Brooklyn woman dating a Bronx man? Nary impossible. Is a matter of fact, who goes to the Bronx? No, ‘tis not a dis to my Bx people but really, what is there to do that would justify a two hour trek out there? Someone better be having a baby shower or a wedding!

In Brooklyn alone there are geographic complications. Folks who are near downtown tend to hang out in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill and guess who they meet? Them same dudes or chicks that frequent Habana Outpost. Newsflash - if you ain’t been picked up in the last three years by hanging out at Habana, you're probably not going to get picked up this year. Besides that, why are you doing the same thing every Wednesday evening, Saturday and Sunday afternoon anyway? Tell me – there’s no other place in Brooklyn to “enjoy the sun”? You know Prospect Park isn’t too far away…or any park….or just walk on the side of the street that has more sun. Leave Habana alone. The food is okay but really....every weekend? I’ll refrain from talking about the other “hot spots” – Moe’s and Night of the Cookers. Please…

Typically, dudes from Canarsie socialize in their area or head to nearby Flatlands. For the more adventurous types, the Brooklyn College vicinity aka Flatbush is an option and vice versa. Ditto for Bay Ridge...they're mating and boo-ing up in Sheepshead Bay. Can’t speak for East New York and Brownsville…no idea what’s going on out there.

The degrees of separation...all I'm saying is if your in Brooklyn, single and wanting to be in a relationship, chances are the brother or sister is already close to your inner circle. May have to go back to my long distance relationships…

The recap: panel discussion with Soledad O’Brien and Dr. Cornell West; book release party; Bleu Magazine party (shout out to TC); Grand 275 for the final horray (shout out to QB)…they closed on Friday.

On tap this week: Vibe party tonight. If you know of anything else, holler!

Lata Lovelies,
-Betsy Ice

Monday, June 23, 2008


…when his wife looks sexy in a fancy bra that becomes a distracting contraption.

Nearly every woman has a collection of basics but in the “good drawer” lies the fancy and bras and panties. Honestly, I sometimes believe men despise this drawer. It’s not that they don’t appreciate the “I am Ms. Sexy Back” in the La Perla, Les Copains and Eres but when it’s time to get down and dirty, brothers expect to find the two bra closures in the back. The sporty front closure racerbacks can throw him off. A woman can tell that you’re not caressing her back anymore but trying to figure where the closure is.

Every so often a woman will put on a bustier with garters and some more connecting pieces that could be straight out of a Frederick’s boutique. Brother is looking at her salivating and thinking all kinds of wicked tings…until he has to unhook 58 closures! Depending on the woman, she’s either as frustrated with the blasted bustier+ or laughing at how frustrated her man is. I know some sisters that would definitely cosign the latter.

More tips on how to irk a brother in my forthcoming memoir. LOL. Just kidding…I think.

So, my life last week…lunches and brunches…dinner with a friend who loves my teeny bopper lipgloss (yeah, haters!), another road trip to LI for the Omega party (shout out to MT and EL) and MoCaDa’s opening which was all the way dope (shout out to DM). Didn’t make Harriet’s for a reception but that’s usually a winner.

On tap this week…NV Magazine party at Barna. Let me know if you’re down to rock. I rsvp’d +2 but can easily change it to +10. It’s the takeover. Thanks for the idea MT…(who will also be organizing folks for an upcoming yacht party ☺ when MT decides on the date, the details will be here). Oh holla! Book release, magazine party going down as well. Cookout over the weekend in Brooklyn. Any takers? Additional info on events for this week below.

You already know…’tis the season of fun!

BTW, check the posts from the last msg...

Lata Lovelies,
-Betsy Ice

TUESDAY - Please come tomorrow Tuesday, June 24th for a special screening followed by performances...

7-11pm @Sputnik- downstairs

262 Taaffe Pl. Brooklyn, NY 11205 (just off Dekalb)*directions below

"Beyond Blue and Gray: Portraits of Palestinian Creativity Under Occupation" is Jessica Habie's newest film project- her last
documentary, "Mandatory Service" won at this year's Tribeca Film Festival

Following the screening will be an XSpirtMental Session with Mental Notes featuring Spiritchild, Remi, and other poetic performances

Co-sponsored by Eyes Infinite Films, Fort Greene Film Society, Movement in Motion, Fort Greene Peace and the Brooklyn For Peace Israel-Palestine committee**

A few brothers are hosting an open discussion - why women talk too much and why men dont talk enough. its a Q&A type ting and MC Corey will be DJing. thurs eve from 7pm - 12 am at Ripple (769 washington ave btwn sterling & st johns). MC Corey will also be DJing at the same spot friday nite.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Amazing what happens when I arrive early.  I am able to select which seat I want at the restaurant, positioning myself with the best 'vantage' point.  I'm not drenched in my own perspiration from power walking and more importantly, I'm relaxed.  

This is the 3rd time in the last two weeks I've arrived early to a meeting.  I'm turning over a new leave, friends.

Anyway, the story.  My female friend was having an amicable conversation with a man.  You know, the "how have you been?, what's new? etc." kind of thing.  In the middle of the conversation - without being asked - dude says, "I'm single and heterosexual."  LOL.  Are you kidding me?  He just blurted out that tidbit of info!  She wasn't even trying to holler at him! That's like a woman complimenting another woman (of course, completely acceptable) by saying, "Cute outfit," and instead of saying, "Thank you," she responds with "I'm a lesbian."  Um, what in the world!?!?  Didn't nobody ask you all of that.  My gosh!

Perhaps this dude had a previous conversation and was so caught up in the rapture, he forgot a new conversation (and person) was at hand.  Or, had this brother's sexuality been in question before so he felt the need to proclaim it out the gate to anyone who would listen?  Or better - did he feel compelled to separate himself from any homosexual that may have been present by announcing his sexual orientation freely?  Just musings...

Really though, women - when was the last time you had a casual conversation with a man and proclaimed (as he talked about art history), "I'm strictly dickly?  Men - when was the last time you heard a woman announce that?  LOL

Let me know your thoughts on the situation.  My friend certainly wasn't interested in his sexual orientation but it sure was a funny story.

Lata Lovelies,
-Betsy Ice

Monday, June 16, 2008


It was only fitting to call this blog the one thing that really started my summer of car. Betsy Ice introduced me to joy riding and the adventures of well, summer.  Details of that summer to come...:-)

On to 2008.  

Last week...twas a doozy!!!  Essence/Toyota event was tight and shout out to TC and DH for being with me that night.  Thanks for handling the situation.  No friends, none of us needed to remove our stilettos or earrings...we're too pretty to scrap.  :-)  Anyhoo, the event was very cool...a room filled with upwardly mobile, mature, surprisingly unpretentious 'folk' coupled with free drinks and hors d'ourves.  Lovely.  Oh yes, Keisha Cole sang but I wasn't

Also, went to a Prospect Park Gala which kicked off their summer celebration.  Isaac Hayes rocks.

Took off to DC for an overnight trip (shout out to DH again for being a trooper!) only to return to rain.  One of the highlights of that trip was an invite to Martha's Vineyard.  Wonder if Larenz Tate will be there...I can't get Inkwell out of my mind.

Returned to rain from DC which became a surefire way to miss the Stevie Wonder tribute party. Actually, if you did attend, drop me a line.

This week is shaping up rather slow but will keep you posted on other events.  Friday is the Omega 80's party in Long Island.  Anyone down to rock?  I have an affinity for purple and gold...

BTW, anyone know of any good boat ride?  Just bought a pair of fresh linen pants.  Whey mi West Indian people dey?  

Lata Lovelies...
-Betsy Ice