Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HELLO 2011

Hello there! Happy New Year four days in, Lovelies!

I know…so long. Sooo long, but I’m back now.

2010 was an amazing year. Sure, I had a modicum of setbacks, but overall, my 365 days felt like one big happy adventure filled with family, friends, several passport stamps, fun-filled follies, and lots of self-awareness. Before the year ended, I thought about the people that brought me the most happiness and pleasure as well as those that provided serious stress, grief, and heartache. I mentally thanked every single one of them for the life lesson s/he provided.

I’ve already had my share of prima donnas and princes on poor behavior a few days into 2011, but no more! This is another great year in the making and allowing triangles in the player’s circle causes chaos. Folks, clear you life from bedlam in the form of people and things. Go for realistic goals and surround yourself with people that have something intellectually, spiritually, socially, financially, and/or emotionally to offer. To get started, here are a few tips to a happy, healthy, prosperous, and cheerful new year:

1. Set realistic goals
– Folks always want to lose weight. If you gained thirty pounds in the course one year, you’re probably not going to lose it all in one month. And if you didn’t have a baby, how did you gain all that weight anyway? Don’t tell me love! “Oh, girl, I loves my man and cooks for him all the time. That’s how I got fat.” No, you got fat because you went to the Chinese spot and ordered four chicken wings with pork fried rice and lo mein three times per week. Two other days you went to Crown Fried Chicken to buy buffalo chicken wings; one night you cooked a pasta dish and ate a pint of ice cream as dessert; to end the week, you went to Ak to get the “good hero” with all the works. That’s how you got fat. Instead of trying to lose thirty pounds, try losing five per month. Once you cut down on Kum Kau, you’ll drop a few pounds and save a few dollars in the process.

2. Be a better entrepreneur – Your business is successful when you can show a real profit, not one floating in your head. Make better decisions regarding your business. Whether it’s a side hustle or full time gig, make sure you’re paid—on time. Pro bono is great if you agree to it upfront, but there is no reason why one year later (and then some) you should be waiting for your client to pay you. Whether your client is new business relationship, friend, or family member, ask for 50% of your fees up front. If the person doesn’t agree, move on. The next person will.

3. Do something crazy – Yup, I said it. Whatever it is you want to do may seem crazy, but it probably isn’t. Pole dancing? Not crazy at all. Actually, it’s a lot of frickin’ work and I popped an almost new brand pair of stilettos trying to swing on the pole. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. You should. I had a blast and even have pictures to show. Other not so crazy things: Go on vacation solo. Write a love letter. Send an apology letter to a friend you know you hurt. Run a half marathon. Give away last season’s Manolo’s, Choo’s, or Todd’s. I’m a size 10 folks!

4. Share
– Give your time, energy, and knowledge via volunteering or helping a family/friend build their strategic plan.

5. Help Betsy
– Post comments. All the time. Even if it’s a one-liner and forward the link to your friends. I’m doing big things this year and it would help me immensely to know that folks are out there reading and liking the blog. And if you don’t, that’ okay too; just post a comment telling me why. I’m a reasonable human being and amenable to your suggestions. Grrr. Tiger, that growl was for you :-)

Lata Lovelies,
-Betsy Ice
(Yes, I dropped the “Baller” this year)